Apple stores and product carriers are likely to experience a rush of sales upon the release of the new iPhone on October 14th, and eager consumers can take advantage of the company offering pre-orders starting today.

On the release days of prior new Apple phones and tablets, customers filled stores, lined up in queues outside the doors and often snatched up all of the available product in the first days of release. Even certain mobile phone accessories for new devices sell out in the initial period following the issue of a new iPhone.

The new iPhone, the 4S, was met with a degree of disappointment. News and rumors circulated throughout the summer that the next phone would be dubbed the iPhone 5 and feature a new body design, including a larger screen – which is a selling point for many of Apple's top Android-based competitors.

Although the outward appearance of the 4S isn't largely changed from its predecessor, it does come with a number of upgrades. The new A5 chip is expected to speed up processing, and access to Apple's cloud-based file storage and sharing service, iCloud, may set a new standard for the industry.