The smartphone market has evolved in the last year. Growth occurred so rapidly in some cases that Eric Zeman of InformationWeek said phones and cell phone accessories bought at any point in 2011 might have been out of date merely a day or two after their initial purchase. With that in mind, there were some interesting trends and changes in the 2011 mobile industry.

Zeman said dual-core regencies were a big trend in the past year and enabled phones to feature massive high-definition screens. 

"Though plenty of smartphones shipped in 2010 with screens larger than four inches, it didn't become the norm until 2011," he writes. "Now, most mid-range and high-end smartphones ship with displays ranging from 4.0 to 4.7 inches. Only the cheapest models have screens smaller than four inches."

Other trends include the evolution of 4G, app markets and platform consolidation.

Of the big stories in the mobile industry in 2011, Mashable said the iPhone 4S, QR codes and popular app Angry Birds stole the show. Users interested in buying mobile phone accessories should make sure they keep abreast of the current mobile industry trends.