As an increasing number of teenagers and young adults become smartphone owners, the range of cute and silly mobile phone accessories seems to be increasing.

Phone cases available today run the gamut from simple, protective covers in basic colors and finishes to loud, bright and sparkly contraptions that both draw attention to the phone and give it a unique look. Stuffed animals, cartoon characters, animal prints and whimsical designs decorate the outside of many trendy young phone owners' devices – and some more mature users.

Reaching the pinnacle of cuteness, Cellxpressions has developed a line of cases and covers in the style of the Hello Kitty character, the popular white-and-pink cartoon cat of Japanese company Sanrio.

"We have introduced a wide range of Hello Kitty cases to choose from," said the CEO of Cellxpressions. "These cases and covers are well crafted to ensure convenience while using the device – they allow access to all the features of the phone such as accessory ports, dock connectors, lock button, volume button and camera."

The company also asserts that the cases were manufactured using green materials, which may prove to be a boon for the environmentally-conscious younger generations.