Despite having promised to deliver a quick update to Android 2.3 The HTC Incredible S will not be receiving the update until the end of Q2 2011. This is about a 4 month window before an over the air update is released. Although the update will be faster than the Android 2.2 update for some of the Galaxy S phones, 4 months is not what we would usually call quick. There is some good news and that is that the HTC Desire, Desire HD, and Desire Z will all be getting the Android 2.3 update with the Incredible S. All in all this is a very good thing for HTC since they will be rolling out so many updates, but what is more impressive is that the Desire will be going through it’s second update, having gone from Android 2.1 and soon Android 2.3. Other HTC phones which are being released, such as the Desire S and Wildfire S will be coming with Android 2.3 pre-loaded.

Sources: Engadget Slashgear