We all know exactly how reliable it is to get tech information from a completely anonymous source with no notable successes on the rumor circuit however it is still something on the iPad 2 that would shed some light on the new device. Size-wise the device will not change too much however it will be adding a wide range speaker on the back of the device. The iPad 2 is going to make some waves with the tablet world when it is released and based on this rumor as well as a previous rumor it is pretty safe to assume that the release date will be soon since the shipping date matches up very well. There is however no official word on whether or not there will be a front and back facing camera on this device, but simply based upon the newest generation of iPod Touchs this is something that is very possible. Another additional change which was made which many people will probably like is the flattening of the back so it can lay nice and flat on your desk.

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