Finally AT&T is taking having more than the IPhone to stand on seriously. With Verizon on the verge of getting a deal with Apple for the IPhone in 2011 AT&T finally realized it is time for them to beef up their line up of Android powered phones. AT&T probably refused to believe that they were entirely dependent on the IPhone series of smartphones to sell their smartphone plans and get people to contract with them. Had it not been exclusive AT&T may have already been bought over by another company. With Windows Phone 7 launching in mid-October it is good to see them continue to release phones into their line up of Android phones. The Flipout by Motorola is a nice device sporting a QWERTY keyboard and a unique design. It should help to bring more success to AT&T but only time will show just how much these moves to expand the available Android devices will be of benefit in the next year.

Sources PhoneDog Engadget