Motorola and Sprint today announced the launch of two new smartphones designed specifically for use in the workplace.

Both based on Google's Android, the Motorola Titanium and XPRT feature "enhanced business-ready capabilities" designed to improve employee productivity while also helping IT departments maintain high levels of security. Both also include a full QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1-inch display.

"Motorola XPRT and Motorola Titanium blend feature-packed consumer experiences with an optimal set of productivity and security tools," said Motorola Mobility corporate vice president Jeff Miller.

The rugged Titanium, based on Android 2.1, also features Sprint's Push-to-Talk capabilities and has been certified to Military Specification 810G. This essentially means the phone can withstand high levels of dust, shock, vibration, solar radiation, low pressure and extreme temperatures.

The XPRT is designed more for office settings. Similar to the Droid Pro from Verizon, the Sprint device includes data encryption capabilities and enterprise-grade security features, including remote wiping and password and PIN lock.

As an open source mobile operating system, Google's Android has quickly become a favorite among smartphone manufacturers and app developers alike. According to a recent Gartner report, the mobile OS will account for nearly half of the world's smartphone OS market by 2013.