As the holiday season approaches, many mobile phone industry leaders are preparing to roll out new offerings to the American public. A recent report from the International Business Times revealed that Samsung and Motorola are looking to challenge Apple with the introduction of two new phones, both of which are expected to be released around the same time as the much anticipated iPhone 5.

According to the IBT, Samsung is planning to release its Epic Touch 4G, while Motorola will be unveiling its Droid Bionic phone in the coming months. Industry experts expect these two smartphones to be legitimate competitors of Apple's iPhone 5, rumored to be in the final stages of production.

Samsung's Epic Touch 4G has experienced much success in international markets under the name Galaxy S2, though the company delayed the U.S. release to coincide with another release from a major competitor, the news source notes.

The website explains that Samsung and Motorola have worked out logistics to team with Wallmart and Costco, respectively, in hopes of driving sales. Costco, for example, will be offering the Droid Bionic at a modest price, with $160-worth of mobile phone accessories to come with the purchase.