It may not seem like it is really happening, but Motorola has split into two separate companies. This does not mean that they will not be making the same products in which they previously have, but this split seems to be more of a good thing than bad. We all know that Motorola makes a good majority of the public-safety radios and handheld scanners and on top of all of that they made cellphones and smartphones. With this split in action there will now be the Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. which will be strictly involved in public-safety radios and handheld scanners, while Motorola Solutions Inc. will be the side more focused on smartphones. If anything I feel that Motorola has strengthened what they can do and he products in which they will now make should be of a higher quality than before since the focus is narrowed. Still there will be some of us whom gawk at the new Motorola logo going on our phones which is shown above.

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