There have been phones which have been advertised with unlimited music subscription. Now Cricket Wireless is offering it’s Muve Music plan which not only includes the unlimited music downloads, but it is also put together with an unlimited data, text, and voice features. This does seem like a great idea with tons of potential to be successful, however there arises the issue of if you will be getting service in the area which you live in. The Muve Music plan will be launching with the Samsung Suede which is said to be able to hold up to 3,000 songs. With this phone I see a few issues with this plan. First off since there is a limit to the amount of music you can download you may run out of space on your phone, then there is the issue of the music disappearing when you stop the Muve Music plan, and then lastly there is really not going to be enough music in which someone will enjoy which will make an unlimited music plan worth it. The upside is however that the plan does only come at the cost of $55 a month which makes it a great buy given you get service where you live.

Source: Engadget