For users who like to show off their gadgets and want a more stylish outfit for their phones, Musubo recently launched several new iPhone cases with a focus on flashy and sexy design.

In fact, one of the new cases is called the Sexy, due to its delicate stocking design. Compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, the Sexy comes in nine different colors, including black, baby blue, magenta, red and green. The package also includes a set of screen protectors, microfiber fabric cloth and a foldable video stand for comfortable and portable entertainment viewing. The case is made from soft touch silicone material and costs $24.99.

For users looking for a more protective and equally snazzy case, Musubo has the Eden, whose frame is made with a heat-resistant, durable polycarbonate material. The case features a leaf-like design to bring images of peaceful greenery, but comes in eight different colors. The Eden costs $34.99 and comes with screen protectors and a microfiber cleaning cloth.