While Netflix applications have been available for iOS- and Windows Phone 7-based devices for some time, many Android users have likely been wondering when their time would come.

Well, patient Android fans, the wait is over. Fresh on the heels of the Google I/O Developers Conference, Netflix announced that its app is finally available for free on the Android Market.

With the Netflix app, Android users can now browse, search and stream movies and TV shows instantly from their smartphones. What's more, the app works with subscribers' Netflix accounts, meaning they can resume watching video they left off on their computers or TVs.

The app is not yet available to all Android-based devices. So far, it is limited to the G2, the Evo 4G, the Nexus One and the Incredible from HTC and the Nexus S from Samsung. However, Netflix stated that it is working to bring the app to more devices in the near future.

This announcement is sure to be good news to the millions of Android users worldwide. Furthermore, the video streaming capabilities can be enhanced by pairing an Android-based smartphone with mobile phone accessories, such as speakers or headphones.