If you're planning to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone when it's released in September, you already have innovative mobile phone accessories to invest in with the new Android-powered device.

Before the phone has even hit U.S. markets, Droidax, an Android accessories development company, has announced the upcoming release of a battery-enhanced case. The new Galaxy S is expected to have a state-of-the-art battery of its own, so armed with the new Power Pack, users will have superior power for their new device.

Droidax boasts that the slim protective case will feature a 1650mAh battery that can be charged simultaneously with the phone itself, and it's expected to retail for less than $50. The company expects users to see several extra hours of battery life, whether performing simple phone tasks such as texting and talking or heavy power-draining functions such as internet use.

Weighing a mere 2.3 ounces, the case will add little bulk to the new Galaxy S, which is being billed as one of the slimmest and lightest smartphones available upon its release. The initial roll-out will be in U.S. and Australian markets, and Droidax expects the case to be available worldwide shortly afterward.