With new cell phone accessories coming out for Apple devices like crazy, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas should be extremely busy. Joel Mathis writes on PC Advisors' website that many new accessories have caught his eye.

Mathis said great new devices that will be fully unveiled at the Las Vegas event include the Bracketron GreenZero charger, which will run from $22 to $20; the iLuv SmashBox Pro, a protective case for iPhones with speakers; and Gavio's Toast, an iPhone docking system that looks like a stylish toaster.

"The Pill is a similar speaker system, this one specifically for your iPod nano, that looks like, well, a pill," Mathis said of another product by Gavio. He said both products will be available for pre-order soon.

Other products Mathis talks about center around portable speakers and travel earphones, which allow people to get better use of their phones while they are on the road.

PluggedIn said there are some great iPad accessories this year as well, including the Cirago International aluminum Bluetooth keyboard case, which the website said will protect the iPad in carry mode and turn into a keyboard while in use.