For those who frequently end up losing or misplacing their devices, a new accessory could come in very handy. Logitech's new Bluetooth 4.0 accessory, the LBT-MPVRU01 "Burutag," which means vibrating tag, is coming out in Japan and could be available as iPad accessories in the United States at some point.

"The LBT-MPVRU01 and your iPhone 4S must be within 10 meters for the functionality to work (assuming there are no solid walls), so if you left your vibrating-tagged keys in the office, well, you're out of luck," according to a review at VR-Zone. "There is, however, an 'In Case You Leave Something Behind' mode that can be activated to alert you whenever the LBT-MPVRU01 is outside of your iPhone 4S's connectivity range. Both devices will ring at once."

The news source said this idea is not completely new, as the Cobra Tag for Android and BlackBerry, developed a few years ago, essentially does the same thing. Even so, VR-Zone said the burutag does use less power and the device's battery itself is expected to last for about two years.

Another cellphone accessory, the Zomm, uses a Bluetooth connection to help individuals find their phone, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The device sets off an alarm if people walk too far away from their phone, alerting them that they may be forgetting it.