The iPad 2's use in business has become more pronounced in the last year, with small and large companies alike integrating the tablet device into what they do. New iPad 2 accessories will be coming to the market, which will link to a free Apple app designed to modernize iPads as point-of-sale devices for small businesses.

The Square Register will extend the company beyond a payment processing service and into something that will enhance small shops. It will accept cash, debit and credit card payments and track the user's history of customer purchases.

"I truly believe POS, as you know it today, is dead," says Megan Quinn, director of products at Square, according to USA Today. "This will bring Square to an entirely new, small-market audience (bricks-and-mortar stores)."

Sellers are charged a flat 2.75 percent fee for each transaction with no monthly or setup fees, making this device cheap and easy to use for retailers. Those looking for iPad accessories to help run their business should look at this device from Square and others, which could help make a company much more efficient.