People who frequently lose track of their cell phones in the car or are constantly digging between small crevices between seats in search of missing cell phone accessories can invest in a new tool that helps keep everything in place with some stickiness, according to The Globe and Mail.

The Bracketron Nav-Mat II will help keep GPS devices, mobile phones and more in place when peopled are on the road.

"The need the Nav-Mat II fills is a very functional one," the Globe and Mail said. "the dash-mounting discs that usually come with portable devices have adhesive backings that are designed for sturdy and permanent application, except for the residue that could damage sensitive dashes. The Nav-Mat II uses Bracketron’s 'Temperabond' technology, which is basically a sticky solution that maintains a firm grip without leaving anything behind."

Nav-Mat is about 7.6 inches wide and 5.6 inches long, so it should fit easily in any car.

Another Nav-Mat product, the GPS Friction Dash Pad has a four-star rating on Amazon and his ideal for individuals who want to mount their GPS devices.