Cell phone batteries aren't the most reliable thing in the world. Batteries can unexpectedly run out at any time, so a new accessory that would recharge the phone with solar power could be a great tool.

The JuiceBar, which is retailing for about $50, may look like a standard USB charger, but the device has built-in solar panels that will help charge the mobile device with natural sunlight.

"If you’re in a pinch and away from an outlet, the 2,000 mAh built-in battery is certainly helpful," reviewers at Gadgetsteria.com said. "The utility of the Pocket Bar is exponentially higher if you’re the adventurous type outdoors, too. Gone are the limits of modern life surrounding a world full of electronic devices. With the sun as your sole energy source, you can venture anywhere you please just so long as you have a few hours each day to recharge."

The review said the overall construction of this accessory leaves them wanting more, but for the price it is hard to pass up. For people frequently in need of a recharge for their cell phone batteries, this device could come in very handy.