Many cell phone accessories have a speaker attachment for iPhones, iPads and other smart devices, but a new device called Dash will attach the iPhone to the car's stereo console. The company is currently trying to raise about $45,000 on Kickstarter to get the product going.

Gotta Be Mobile said the product is good-looking, so it will probably have some success on Kickstarter raising money. The Dash has  double DIN stereo, meaning it will fit most cars without modification.

"The system uses your iPhone’s 3.5-inch display as the way to use your stereo, bringing your favorite apps and ability to make phone calls to your stereo," according to the website. "The creator is working on an app that will allow you to make calls while the iPhone is in landscape mode."

The Dash is expected to retail for about $500 when it comes out onto the market and is expected to ship in July 2012. These mobile phone accessories could be a hot item, as CDs seemed to have fallen out of popular culture in favor of devices with MP3 capabilities such as iPhones.