Mountain biking, running and more can be great activities for action photos, but it's a pretty tough task to cart an iPhone around in hand and take great action shots. The new Mivue-X photography mount allows people to capture pictures and videos from the wearer's point of view while keeping the phone secure in iPhone cases.

The case has a mount that can be strapped to the user's chest. There is also a high-impact case designed to help protect the phone while it is in motion.

"If you're a sports fanatic and have always wanted a way to capture your sporting activities as you see them, the Miveu-X accessory could be your best bet," CNET said. "This ruggedized accessory allows one to capture videos of your adventures from your point-of-view using an iPhone 4/4S at a fraction of the price of dedicated sports-oriented video cameras."

The case is currently on Kickstarter where the creators have set a target goal of $15,000. So far, the product has nearly $10,000 collected, which means it could soon be more widely available to replace other iPhone 4S cases out there.