Music lovers have many options in the smartphone and mobile device market, thanks to new technologies in hardware and efforts to expand speaker and wireless options.

The idea of a music-focused phone took off before the iPhone changed the mobile industry. Released along with the popular Motorola Razr line in the mid-2000s, the company's Slvr model carried an Apple iTunes option for digital music users.

iPhones and many Android-powered phones have come a long way in audio capabilities since the heyday of the feature phone, with in-device speakers that produce far better sound quality than previous styles. Smartphones geared specifically toward audiophiles such as the Lava music phone have new options such as surround sound.

Accessory maker Logitech recently released two products that enable mobile device users to wirelessly transmit sound to speakers. While the technology isn't new, the company is tapping into the niche market by introducing familiar forms with a modern twist.

By using a smartphone or tablet as a remote and signal producer, users can play music on the Wireless Boombox, which is shaped like a conventional player. The Wireless Headset has the same function in a headphone form, including a Bluetooth microphone.