As a late September Amazon conference approaches, which is expected to be centered around the unveiling of the online retail and media giant's new fully web-enabled tablet, details of the device's specifications have circulated pointing to a model that could challenge Apple's domination of the market.

Just one week before the anticipated conference, Gartner research announced that the iPad is predicted to hold an even larger share of the tablet market by the end of the year than previously thought. Despite a growing number of devices on the market, the majority of which host Android operating systems, Apple has retained approximately three-quarters of sales with its perennially popular device. iPad accessories and devices continue to be top sellers for the company that pioneered tablets.

Amazon, however, has done well in the e-reader market with the Kindle, and its new full-function tablet is expected to garner a large amount of interest. It's expected to run on an Android operating system, which has proven to be Apple iOS' only tangible competitor. The screen is also reported to be comparatively small, with reports estimating about 7 inches, considerably less than the iPad and many other Android-based offerings.

The biggest rumor surrounding the device is the price, which estimates have at under $300 – a much more affordable option than most other tablets on the market.