For the lovers of games such as Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros., a new iPhone accessory may be just what they want. The iCade 8-Bitty gamepad for iPhone, iPad and Android will emulate the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller and allow people to recreate old video game experiences.

While the controller isn't the same, it does have a similar layout and shape. Even so, the iCade features two extra buttons and rainbow colors instead of NES' gray and black motif.

"A close inspection of the product photography betrays the incredible attention to detail and respect shown to the original NES control pad," GizMag said in its review of the accessory. "The 8-Bitty recreates its inspiration down to an insane level of detail. There are the small, rounded oblong rubber buttons recessed into the face in the precise location of the NES controller's start and select buttons. There are the chubby arrows on each of the D-pad's four directional buttons. There's even the tiny cuboid of missing plastic on the controller's upper edge in line with the cable of the original controller."

Ty Liotta, director of Geek Labs, said they considered using a Super Nintendo setup for the controller, according to MSNBC, but felt the layout would be more classic for this iPhone accessory. The 8-Bitty is expected to retail at $25.