Despite the buzz surrounding the anticipated upcoming release of an iPhone 5 and an event planned by Apple tomorrow called "Let's Talk iPhone," more details are being reported on a possible alternative iPhone 4 with new options and a less expensive line.

The iPhone 5 is expected to feature new dimensions and a new screen size, which may entail the production of a fresh line of mobile phone accessories. Reports of German provider Vodafone listing new iPhone 4 offerings on their website, however, have brought the current model back into the news.

Vodafone has included the iPhone 4S in its list of Apple products, including an 8GB version. Apple has been rumored to be developing a lower cost and less expensive form of its popular smartphone along with the iPhone 5. The decreased power of the 8G phone would take advantage of the company's cloud computing service, which can be used to store media rather than the device itself.

Tech news sources are now speculating that the iPhone 4S may be this year's only update, or that the 5 will be called N94 and involve significant design changes.