Apple's tablets have always needed a lot of protection, so iPad accessories that help cover the back of the device are extremely helpful. The new Apple Smart Cover now covers both the front and back of the device, looking to cover all of the bases.

"Clearly Apple got feedback that users enjoyed the floppy, magnetized Smart Cover, but some were a little wary about exposing the back of their iPad to the elements," MSNBC's Gadget Box said of the cover.  "Perhaps they doubted the strength of the milled aluminum – or maybe thought it a bit too dull."

Although the vulnerable metal backing of the device definitely warrants some type of covering this Smart Cover does this task with ease and doesn't let the user lose any cool aspects of the tablet.

Phones Review said these iPad accessories automatically wake up the device when the cover is opened and put it to sleep again when it is closed, thereby saving power, which could be helpful for all iPad owners.