Now that the school year is underway, high school and college students will need the best protection for their valuable electronics. A new emphasis on mobile device storage in backpacks can arm the university-bound with the best way to tote – and often charge – smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The new Deluxe backpack by Powerbag has specially designed interior sleeves to securely hold mobile accessories, devices and school supplies, and includes a rechargeable 6000 mAh battery. Tablets and phones can be charged while resting in the bag, which features a host of different sized USB ports for compatibility with multiple manufacturers and models. This may even be a sensible purchase for a business executive on-the-go.

Targus, which has been in the electronics protection business since before the dawn of the iPhone, recently announced the release of two new laptop backpacks with mobile devices in mind.

The Demolition Backpack can accommodate larger computers along with a dedicated tablet sleeve, while the Conquer Backpack holds slightly smaller laptops. The Conquer also features a specialized compartment for tablet-sized devices. Both models were designed with the fragility of electronics in mind, with weatherproof bottoms, scratch-resistant interiors and multiple pockets to keep devices separated.