While many phone cases and iPhone covers look to give the device protection, many fail due to what they are made out of. A new accessory called the Tech21 Impact Band looks to add a strong layer of protection to the Apple smartphone without adding much bulk, according to a review of the product from CNET.

This product uses D30, an orange goo that has the same viscosity as taffy. The manufacturers of the band said this should help absorb some shock if the phone were to be dropped, according to the review.

"Yet, if you strike it firmly or throw a ball of it against the ground, it suddenly becomes hard as a rock," CNET said of D30. "I tried it a few times and marveled about how a sharp hammer blow barely made a dent. In reality, that's the whole point of D30. It can mold to soft touch, but it also absorbs shocks and deflects the impact away from your precious cargo. Tech21 only uses a small amount of D30 in its cases, but it's enough to make a difference."

D30's website said other companies have used this substance in phone cases as well, including T-Mobile, which uses the goo for the company's Galaxy S and Sidekick products.