Redpark Product Development recently released an accessory that helps users navigate around in the world. The new GPS cable allows users to connect the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to external navigation devices.

The 1-meter-long cable will work with any navigation device that uses NMEA 0183 communications protocol, and it allows any location enabled iOS app to communicate with an external GPS or other navigation device.

“Customers have told us that they would like to connect their iPhone to navigation devices in a glider, truck, tractor, airplane or boat," said Mike Ridenhour, president of Redpark. “App developers that serve these markets now have a simple and reliable way to communicate with external navigation devices."

The cable uses a DB-9 connector and supports data transfer rates up to 57.6 Kbs. It requires iOS 5.0.x or later and is compatible with common iOS apps, including the maps and compass apps that are standard with iOS devices.