Getting good action shots is now easier than ever with new mobile phone accessories for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The Miveu X camera mount, which was revealed at Las Vegas' International Consumer Electronics Show, will allow people to mount the iPhone to various things for faster action shots.

"So if you’re a skier, you can add it to your helmet, or if you’re a biker, you can stick it on your handle bars," Gadget Wiki says as an example of how the phones can be used. "With the Miveu X, you simply strap the mount onto your chest and position its lens, so that you can take advantage of an extended viewing angle on your phone. Then let your imagination run wild with the shots that you want to make."

The phone retails at about $79, but there is also the Miveu Z for about $20. The blog said to be aware that with the cheaper price come less mounting options, so the safer way to go for those who get really active may be the Miveu X.

Coolest Gadgets said these mobile phone accessories also come with a shutter click button for those who want to take some still shots and said the button is even accessible with gloves on.