The environmentally conscious may be interested to know that not all iPad 2 accessories are made of plastic or some other material that is hard to recycle. The new BioCase by NiteIze is made of plant matter and will eventually decompose into dirt.

AllVoices said the case is set for a March release and was unveiled at both Macworld 2012 and the International Consumer Electronics Show. It's made of GDH-B1, a bioresin recognized as the first compostable elastomer, according to the website, which said this means it will turn into organic compounds if it is put in compost-heap conditions, even thought it feels like plastic or rubber.

"But perhaps best of all, the BioCase meets the strictest domestic and European standards of compostability and biodegradability," according to the item's website. W"hen consistently exposed to a composting environment it fully breaks down into organic compounds in a matter of months. It's the perfect plastic solution."

Allvoices notes that these mobile phone accessories are also made right here in the United States, with it written on the product that it is "not made in China."