While companies have been manufacturing mobile phone cases for years, many are just now starting to key in on how to protect tablets and bigger mobile devices. One company is releasing iPad 2 accessories that they hope will "bring elegance and style" to the tablet case market.

"The market is awash with iPad cases that look generic at best to downright boring at worst," EVIO said in a release. "A small group of creative young entrepreneurs in California decided that it was time to infuse a bit of style and color into an at times unimaginative accessories market and the EVIO brand was born."

EVIO's first product is the Harmony case, which the company said has a design based in Eastern philosophy. The company said the case's look and structure will make a statement regardless of how a person is using his or her device.

Mashable listed the 10 best cases for seven-inch tablets earlier this year, with the Belkin Merge taking the top spot. The website said this case gives a bit of a different look with a two-tone weave. As more people buy them, expect to see more iPad 2 accessories.