Apple's iPad is a huge investment, and keeping it safe is key to getting the most out of the device. People looking for a way to keep the tablet secure should look to iPad accessories from SMARTdesks, including the armPad.

"The arm permits low profile storage, keyboard height positioning and easy screen viewing in landscape or portrait," the company said. "Especially useful for institutional use or Point Of Service applications. The iPad security enclosure is available in two versions: secure containment and 'no home button' access for education, or classroom applications. The latter keeps only the app used for class active, so personal use of social media can be suppressed. The enclosure is accessible only by use of a security hex wrench key, supplied with armPad."

This device has a built-in 110 VAC power and USB power, so the device can be recharged while in storage. The security accessory can also be used with Notebooks, Kindles and other devices.

SMARTdesks said this is a great creation that can be used in the classroom, but can also be useful for individuals that want to keep their iPad safe at home or work.