While many of the newest toys out for Apple products have been iPad accessories, a nifty gadget called Galileo could help remotely control which way the iPhone is facing with the ability to shoot pictures at a 360 degree panoramic view. The device is being designed by a company named Motrr.

"Unfortunately it really isn’t clarified whether or not this system will work properly with existing camera, video, and chatting apps, but we do know an SDK is being offered to app developers," Mobile Mag said of the device. "The Galileo will have an MSRP of $129.95 but on Kickstarter you can get a hold of a Galileo robotic arm for much less, in fact only a pledge of just $85."

The project has already brought in nearly $15,000 of the needed $100,000 with almost a month to go on Kickstarter. Users will be able to control which way this accessory moves with the touch of a button on their iPhone, which will be great for family pictures, videos and more.

Josh Guyot, a designer at Motrr, said that his motivation for the product was to make it easier to have video chats with his son, Mobiletor said. He said Galileo can help give more visibility and control, which he believes could help bring people closer.