Phone cases do a lot to help protect devices, but they can be a pain in the butt when trying to charge a phone on a dock. Consumers that currently have charging problems should take a look at the CableJive dockXtender, which helps extend the iPhone and iPad charging docks to let them be charged via a dock while still in the case.

"Users who love bulky cases like the Otterbox case can’t fit the iPhone or iPad in traditional iPhone or iPad docking systems," according to Gotta Be Mobile's review of the accessory. "With the dockXtender, it’s easy to use a nice docking system and keep the iPhone or iPad in the case."

This accessory can also make short cables longer with extensions that are available. People can use this devices to help charge their device in a car's cigarette lighter as well, so buying it definitely will not be a waste of money for iPad or iPhone users.

CableJive's website said all of the functionality of the dock will be passed to the device, meaning these iPad accessories will still let people hear better sound if their dock has a speaker with it.