For those who already have their phone cases in line and ready to go for their iPhone, a new accessory for the phone's camera is being released by an Oregon inventor. Paul Anderson created the Daylight Viewfinder, which looks to help block out stray sunlight to improve how images look in particularly bright settings.

"The Daylight Viewfinder app shrinks the live camera image down to a size that fits under the eyepiece, and the eyepiece blocks out the surrounding light," the accessory's Kickstarter page said. "The eyepiece also magnifies and focuses the image.  Even though the resolution of the live image you see is reduced, Apple’s Retina display is so good that you still get a great view of what the picture will look like. "

The accessory is compact and easily fits into the user's pocket, according to the company. Anderson started the company after trying to take pictures while skiing last year. This device is now ready for production and has thus far raised just over $5,000 of its stated $44,000 goal on Kickstarter.

The iPhone covers the camera aspect and this device will help people use that camera app in a far more clear fashion. For those out in bright settings, this could be a very cool accessory to have.