With multiple new apps coming out for tablets every day, it only makes sense that there would be some new, innovative iPad 2 accessories, as well. UZBL has developed a new kit that will allow iPad 2 users to make it more usable in any setting, with a strap-on handstrap, shoulder strap and snap-on rotating pivot that can be screwed onto any other accessory or camera mount.

"The FLEX kit began as a protective cover with integrated ribs cells to provide shock absorbency to protect the iPad in rugged settings such as schools," the company said. "Feedback from parents and educators led UZBL to integrate additional features and attachments to prevent the drops and to allow the iPad to be comfortable to hold and maneuver. UZBL took this a step further, by adding a tripod thread to an included attachment. "

According to the company, the tripod opens up the FLEX to more universal mounts and pods being used with many cameras and recorders across the world already, making the iPad more versatile.

These iPad 2 accessories also include a velcro hand strap and a protective skin. The product will be more widely available in the future but is currently on Kickstarter for $59 as the company tries to build up money.