For people who own Apple products and want to get a bit more colorful, the new iCrayon Stylus allows people to draw or color on their iPad or other device.

"The iCrayon Stylus enables you to draw and play on your iOS device, and is perfect for touch-typing, or for using with drawing programs, while keeping your touch screen free from fingerprints, and is quite handy if you wish to use the touch screen while wearing gloves," according to a product review from PhonesReview.

The device looks like a crayon – something many probably haven't seen since the days of elementary school – but instead of drawing on paper, it allows people to easily draw on their smartphone or tablet device. According to PhonesReview, the product is made of silicone, is lightweight, and looks and feels just like a crayon.

According to Strapya-World, the iCrayon is made of a soft, squishy material, is available in seven different colors and comes in a package that makes it a perfect gift for lovers of iPad accessories. Colors include black, green, orange, blue, pink, yellow and red.