With more Wi-Fi speakers coming out than ever, new iPad 2 accessories that can play music wirelessly are expected to drop in price this year, according to David Carnoy of CNET. He said a case-in-point is the new pricing of the iHome Airplay iW2, which is being released for about $200.

"This unit is about 25 percent smaller than last year's iHome iW1 ($299); it measures 5.83-by-10.52-by-3.03 inches (HWD)," Carnoy said. "In many regards it's similar to the iW1, but it does not feature a built-in rechargeable battery like the iW1 does. This model is powered by an AC adapter and includes a remote."

The speakers work with AirPlay wireless audio, has USB docking for Apple products, can scan audio and restore details lost in compressed audio, has two passive speakers with full-range audio performance, as well as an alarm and radio.

These speakers should also work well as iPad 3 accessories when the new Apple tablet is released later this month. People that want some wireless speakers should be on the lookout for these iHome Airplay speakers, expected to be released on April 1.