IPad 2 accessories have seen a lot of different kinds of speakers, but one new tool uses only plastic and what is on the iPad to amplify sound. The SoundBender by Moshe Weiss, up now on Kickstarter, is a mini plastic scoop that is secured on the devices with magnets and uses a similar tactic to cupping hands behind the device's speakers.

Even for those with iPad cases, the SoundBender straps right onto the tablet and allows them to make sound louder and clearer without having to plug the device in to any other speakers.

"SoundBender's compact and cool design allows it to be left on all of the time or kept in your pocket, magnetized to your fridge or file cabinet, and always available. It's great for presentations, movie night, on the go or anytime," according to the product's Kickstarter page. "With no need for cumbersome wires or any power source, SoundBender is truly a must-have accessory you will never want to be without."

Pledges are still being taken for the iPad accessories on Kickstarter, but expect the device to be more widely available soon, as it has raised nearly $10,000 on the website.