While many iPad accessories will help keep the device safe and more useful in everyday life, the new Broadway receiver by Hauppauge gives people what the company calls “a brand new way to watch live TV on your iPhone and iPad (and other mobile devices) – at home or around the world."

The Broadway will allow people to watch live or recorded HD TV directly on the iPad from anywhere in the home due to integrated streaming and elsewhere with a wireless connection. PadGadget said the great thing about this device is that it is independent and has no need to be attached to a cable.

"Using a built-in TV tuner, the Broadway happily acts as the interface between your television source (including cable and satellite set top boxes, ATSC over-the-air TV signals and unencrypted digital cable TV-clear QAM) and your own wireless network, providing all of the requisite translation and optimization for the content to be displayed correctly on your mobile devices," the website said.

While the website refers to these devices as iPhone and iPad accessories, Hauppauge said the device also works with Android phones and tablets, as well as the iPod Touch. This would be a great addition to any TV lover's collection.