Sometimes it's hard to get used to changing from writing with a pen and paper to writing with a tablet, but some cool new iPad accessories are out that will let people automatically transfer their handwriting, drawers and more directly to the iPad. said the the Targus iNotebook will allow people to take things written or drawn on a standard piece of paper and automatically transfer it to the iPad.

"The accessory is called the iNotebook and consists of a Bluetooth receiver and pen that detects and records your every stroke," the website said. "The receiver attaches to a standard notepad allowing you to write as normal. The pen movement is detected by the receiver and your actions [are] recorded. A free app available from the App Store then allows you to transfer the recorded information to your iPad for safe keeping."

Once the notes have been transferred, people can store them on the iCloud as a backup on the iPad. While the accessory isn't exactly cheap, it does allow people to save a lot of time on transferring handwritten notes.

A previous article on points out similar iPad accessories by Wacom called the Cintiq that will allow people to have notes on a piece of paper transferred directly to the iPad. This device has 1,024 levels of pressure, which are also recorded by the device.