As the tablet market expands, new iPad accessories are popping up all the time, from gaming attachments to speakers. Logitech may be unveiling the latest and potentially most popular of all this September.

The company's fold-up keyboard, which is expected to sell at a retail price of just over $100, will turn the iPad 2 into a stand-up computer, making it look strikingly like a laptop. Once unfolded, the full-sized keyboard, which uses USB-based charging power rather than replacement batteries, holds the tablet at an angle for optimized viewing. When folded, it powers down automatically and fits under the iPad for storage.

"Many people are using tablets in ways that require more than fingertip scrolling, pointing and pressing on the touchpad," said the company's vice president of mobile and tablet products Azmat Ali. "Whether you're typing notes, emailing, or playing games, both devices greatly extend flexibility when it comes to creating content or enjoying entertainment."

This new device may signal an even further slide from traditional PCs and laptops to tablet computing, as one of the major drawbacks to exclusively using tablets is the typing function. Previous portable keyboards lacked the charging capabilities and full size of the new Logitech release.