If there's one thing that's really nice to have when it comes to iPad 2 cases, it's customization. Versatile devices can be used in all kinds of settings, and what's comfortable in one area might not work in another. The PV-01 Rotating Folio Case by IPEVO delivers customization by allowing users to choose a wide range of viewing angles.

The leather and felt case is made with two sections. The interior and exterior sections are connected by a pivoting mechanism to allow full 360-degree rotation. The interior of the case can also be adjusted to fit inside of any of the three grooves located within the exterior section, supporting three possible viewing angles.

"The PV-01 Folio Case is a continuation of IPEVO's commitment to help iPad users do more with their devices," said Royce Hong, CEO and Big Head of Design of IPEVO. "PV-01's circular pivot makes orienting your iPad extremely easy and straightforward, and the pull-apart design gives users a sleeker option when PV-01 is not being used as a stand."

For users who crave a little extra functionality, IPEVO also offers the Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard, which features a Bluetooth keyboard as well as a stand for comfortable viewing.