Apple fans looking for new iPad accessories should take a look at the R Case by TouchNS, which is scheduled to be released in July. The case has a simple rear skin with two rubber rails to prevent the iPad from falling off of the sides of surfaces and makes it easier to hold with one hand.

"The rails have channels cut into their inside edges so that accessories can slide between then like a drawer slides into its drawer-hole," Cult of Mac said in a review of the skin. "The first of these accessories is a suction-cup mount. This is where the demo video first surprised me, going from cheesy infomercial to actually informational. After seeing the iPad stuck on the bathroom mirror to watch while you clean your teeth, who wouldn’t want to do that?"

According to the website, the device can also be used to help stick the iPad to a car windshield for people who use their device for directions. This way people don't have to get a ticket for looking like they are using their iPad for other reasons while driving.

Tablets can be slippery devices, so people should take a look at these iPad accessories to keep their investments in place and in one piece.