Owners of Apple's tablet usually want to get some iPad accessories to help care for their new and rather large investment, and the ProStyle Courier for iPad by Brenthaven may be a great way to help carry the device around.

"The Brenthaven ProStyle Courier is the perfect companion for the on-the-go professional," the company said. "Slim and sleek, the Courier has dedicated pockets for your iPad, notepad, A/C adaptor and assorted small accessories. Sling it over your shoulder and head to the coffee shop in style. This case was originally designed for the MacBook Air 11" but accommodates the iPad and 7-10" tablets as well."

The Gadgeteer said the front of the bag has a zipper that opens up into an iPad compartment. The zipper also curves at each, allowing the bag to open up even wider. The website's review of the bag said the inside features high density foam protection to help give lightweight protection to the tablet.

At the end of the review, Gadgeteer said the ProStyle Courier for iPad by Brenthaven is a great bag. The website said they work well as iPad accessories, but can also be useful for individuals who are sick of carrying their wallet and phone in their pockets as well.