While many new iPad 2 accessories work as stands, not many use the miracle of magnets to help keep the tablets steady. The new iOstand from iOmounts does just that and can even be used with other tablets, according to CNET.

The stand has a weighted base, a pedestal with a ball on it with a powerful magnet. A metal ring goes on the back of the iPad and can adhere to the magnet on the ball.

"The magnetic setup allows you to easily manipulate the iPad (or an Android tablet) into portrait or landscape mode and tilt it at various angles," said David Carnoy on CNET. "That said, the magnet isn't so powerful that your iPad will remain stuck to it no matter what. Tilt it too much, in fact, and it will separate from the magnet and potentially fall (hopefully not far)."

Pricing for the product starts at $89 for the black and white models and $109 for a stainless steel version. These iPad 2 accessories could come in handy for people who want to use their tablet more as a television or PC, depending on the angle.