Many mobile phone accessories have one stated goal or reason for existing, but one new iPhone accessory has multiple uses. The Bondi is designed to bend into multiple different figures for holding the phone, hanging it from a belt loop and more.

PhonesReview said the accessory can hold a mobile phone, hand the device while charging, prop open a door, hang up keys or do many other things.

"With the Bondi the possibilities seem to be endless, and is roughly the size of a hand with a hook, a bit like a coat hanger but with many more uses, the accessory has two arms and legs just to make it a little more human, and will hold your processions tightly," PhonesReview said of the device.

Rick Broida said this mobile phone accessory is available for $20 and comes in 10 different colors for those who have any kind of use for it. Broida said he can see the appeal of the device, especially for hanging the phone up at the gym or finding a good in-car area for a GPS or other mobile device.