Always an under-utilize tool, the suction cup is finally being put to use in mobile phone accessories. The company known as Insanely Great Products started showcasing the new Willy at this past week's Macworld iWorld show, and Macworld's website seems to enjoy the product.

"The $20 Willy is perhaps the company’s most popular accessory," the blog said. "On your desk, the base’s non-skid surface helps the Willy become a capable iPhone stand, propping up your iOS device in either orientation. Thanks to the second section cup, though, the Willy also works in your car as a windshield mount – perfect for using in tandem with a GPS app."

There is also a smaller version of the Willy, called the Jack, which will retail for $10. The Jack is solely used as a stand and only features one cup. Another product, the Traveler, sports a single cup with a smaller price for the same price as the Jack.

Insanely Great Products' website said the Willy's base is round and non-skid, meaning that it wont be skipping around a desk. The two suction cups give users the ability to hold phones in place on any desktop, table top, windshield or any other suctionable place that someone feels like putting their iPhone, making these very useful iPhone 4 accessories.