IPhone cases usually have some pretty standard features: Some are water proof, some have screen protectors, some have fun designs. But a new case from Japanese company Marudai can stop a bullet.

According to tech review site MobileMag, most people won't be able to afford the $650 bullet proof case. For those who still may be interested, this case is made from a combination of steel and aluminum and can withstand a .50 caliber shot. The front of the device, however, will still be vulnerable to stray bullets.

"Marudai is currently taking orders for the massive housing," reviewers at TechCrunch said. "They’ll even ship an empty bullet for more lulz with the buddies. But the case is a bit impractical even if there is a hole for the iPhone’s camera. Look to G-Form for much more pocket-friendly and affordable iPhone protective casing. They might not be able to take a bullet for the owner but the casing can at least survive a fall from the edge of space."

Phone cases like this don't come around every day, so people in the line of fire should take the opportunity to scoop one of these up while they can.