There are iPhone cases that do just about everything these days, but now there’s one that satisfies cravings for improv. Oh, and it’s a protective case too, so it’ll also save the iPhone from bumps, scratches and falling damage.

Urban Prefer’s Coin 4 iPhone lets users prop their phones at multiple angles. The only extra equipment needed? A coin. That means there’s an iPhone stand wherever there are quarters.

The back of the Coin 4 iPhone case features a carefully designed web of crevices that will allow a coin to fit in them.  The crevice design on the back allows users to insert coins at different angles, so it’s easy to find one that fits personal preference.

The Coin 4 iPhone comes in white, black, gray, pink, yellow and blue. It costs $24.99, but should save money for the frugal, since there won’t be a need for any extra iPhone stands. The Coin 4 iPhone is available directly from Urban Prefer’s website.